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For over 60 years, the Fonds d'Equipement Communal (FEC) kept renewing its local funding approach in order to meet the great evolutions of the financial and local sectors.

Today, the crossed road and the various reached stages allowed the emergence of a Bank dedicated to the local funding which developed an expertise and a know-how in developmental sectors.

Therefore, the FEC is determined to pursue its development with respect to its fundamental values aiming at the promotion of territorial development and the improvement of the Citizen living standards.

The FEC has determined as many values as strategies of action in cooperation with its Board of Directors, to begin an even more audacious stage in the course of this institution.

This will to strengthen and consolidate the FEC commitment in favour of the local sector and to be always aware of local executives concerns also proceeds satisfactory results which it achieved these last years and which will enable it to meet the increasing needs of the local sector financing.

These performances are the result of the synergies developed with the FEC partners, in particular the supervision which plays an important role in the promotion of the territorial development and the assistance of Territorial Communities in the achievement of their missions to the service of the Citizen.

Also, the implementation of the advanced regionalization will allow to meet the various expectations. These expectations will give Territorial Communities more modernity and responsibility. It is the new horizon which is offered to our territories to take up the challenge of an interdependent and integrated development.

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