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The Fonds d’Equipment Communal (FEC) was founded by Public Authorities following the independence as a financial Institution specialized in financing Territorial Communities.

Given its experience of more than 60 years in financing the local public sector, the FEC developed an expertise and built on a know-how that reinforce its role as a technical and financial partner of Territorial Communities.

Since its creation in 1959, the FEC has gone through various steps in parallel with the evolution of the financial and local sectors. During these evolution steps, the FEC sought to improve its services and interventions in favor of the local public sector.




As a collective-utility Bank, the FEC finances the local public sector and seeks to reinforce local expertise and promote local development investments. The Bank thus offers its customers, products and services that meet their needs and provides the necessary technical assistance to set up and implement their investment programs and projects.

The FEC assists its customers in expressing their investment choices and offers them the possibility to implement their projects that aim to improve citizens’ living standards. Thus, the FEC intervenes in various sectors which cover all the prerogatives of the Territorial Communities, in particular :

  • Urban upgrading
  • Urban mobility
  • Rural opening up
  • Economic activity areas development
  • Sport and entertainment infrastructures development
  • Rural electrification
  • Purification and access to drinking water
  • Public lighting
  • Green spaces planning
  • Cleanliness and environmental protection
  • Tourist equipments development
  • Teaching institutions upgrading
  • Cultural and artistic animation
  • Commercial equipments development
  • Information technologies integration
  • Promotion of clean technologies

Through its multiple interventions, the FEC actively contributes to promoting local investment and reinforcing the decentralization process, thus confirming its position as the Bank of Local Financing.

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