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In a time of increasing the local sector development, the FEC continues modernizing its organization to better meet the needs of local financing, promote the coherent interaction between its different structures and favor synergies amongst them. The FEC has become a modern, customer-oriented organization with a  General Management and 5 functional entities :

 Secretary General
 Operations' Pole
 Financial Division
 Risk and Permanent Control Division
 Sustainable Development Division

Additionally, the FEC comprises two entities directly attached to the General Management: Internal Audit and Compliance.

The Internal Audit entity is in charge of audit operations related to the FEC’s organization, procedures and functioning. In fact, it carries out audit missions and prepares and follows-up meetings of the Audit and Risks Committee. This entity is also in charge of providing the necessary assistance to external auditors,  following up and implementing their recommendations. Finally, Internal Audit does not just prepare reports and documents addressed to Bank Al-Maghrib, but it also verifies that the control points and security systems are implemented, and that the procedure manual is firmly respected.

The Compliance is in charge of following up the conformity of FEC’s operations and actions with the legal and regulatory provisions in line with Bank Al-Maghrib’s rules. It is also in charge of setting up and enforcing a compliance policy within the FEC, in addition to making a statement of the compliance standards in force. It also identifies, evaluates and tracks non conformity risks and prepares compliance reports.

So far, the bank’s staff is 91 employees



Organization chart of the Fonds d'Equipement Communal

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Annual financial report 2020
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